Support Spiderweb Salon on Patreon!

in december 2017, spiderweb salon launched a patreon to raise ongoing funding so we can create in a more sustainable and meaningful way. this is BIG! for 2018, a successful fundraiser on patreon will allow us to: 

1) host monthly writing, art, and zine workshops,
2) continue to curate amazing public and private showcases and events,
3) professionally produce, record, and release the work of musicians, performance artists, and poets,
4) celebrate and collaborate with other awesome community organizations,
5) continue production of The Literary Podcast
6) encourage collaboration and community among artists by hosting meetups and collaborative opportunities,
6) fund and produce large-scale projects (such as plays and books/zines) by artists we believe in,
7) and publish your work: both in our zines and our newly-revived online collection!


HECK YES! but what is Patreon?

if you aren't yet familiar with it, patreon is an incredible platform for supporting projects like spiderweb salon: it only takes a moment to sign up and it's easy to see what our goals are and how you're contributing! we will be eternally grateful for your donation, as much or as little as you can spare (even if it's nothing- we know not everyone has expendable income and we still love you!), but note that for just $10 a month, you'll have full access to every showcase, every workshop, every publication, and every opportunity that comes our way, and you'll be supporting hundreds of artists in Denton (& beyond!) who are creating and sharing work with one another.check out our goals to read a little bit about what we have in store, become a donor, and/or share widely and wildly to help us make this a reality!

our eventual goal for 2018 is to file as a nonprofit so we can continue to create quality programming, publications, educational workshops, and opportunities for local artists in the long term. we've been around five and a half years now... it's time to wholeheartedly commit to the things we care about and continue to grow. we hope that you will be a part of this journey in whatever way you see fit!