the crew


courtney marie
co-founder & director of operations

courtney marie is a writer and artist based in Denton, Texas. she enjoys working with text as an art medium and performance object and sometimes she plays music with her friends. her first poetry chapbook, don’t get your hopes up, is coming out in 2018 in a double publication through Thoughtcrime Press, alongside her dear friend Fatima-Ayan Malika Hirsi’s Moon Woman: Mythologies and Truths. courtney marie lives with two cats, loves to travel, and writes a lot of letters.


Conor Wallace
co-founder & assistant director

Conor Wallace, a big old nerd, born and raised in the chorus of Denton tx, has been consciously cheerleading and reminding artists to continue their bliss and work for a Decade... unconsciously; probably always. He is also a journeyman singer-songwriter and you can find his work at Bandcamp under the monikers/collaborations: Conor WallaceElla Minnow, and Forever & Everest.



Nina Chantanapumma
web administrator

Nina eats cookies. And fragments sentences. When she's not teaching high schools students how to create digital art and code websites, she's either drawing stuff, fixing things, or hanging out with her corgi, Noodles. She tries to remember to post as @ninacdot on Instagram and Twitter.



Sean Enfield
executive editor

Sean Enfield is a writer and educator based out of the Denton. He graduated from the University of North Texas with a B.A. in English-Literature. He has had work featured on NPR's All Things Considered as a part of their Three Minute Fiction Contest and published in Vine Leaves, F(r)iction Online, and Poetry Quarterly. His piece, "Paper Shackles," is forthcoming through Lunch Ticket. Visit his website at


Misti Morrison
executive editor

Misti is a long-time participant with Spiderweb and has worn many hats, including those of writer, artist wrangler, and venue decorator. She a former fiction editor at the weird lit zine Farrago’s Wainscot and lives, writes, and sews in Denton.

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Bess Whitby
marketing assistant

Bess is a writer, cellist, and long-time Spiderwebber living in Denton. She holds an MA in creative writing from the University of North Texas and currently works as the marketing manager for UNT Press. Bess has helped organize Spiderweb shows for almost five years. Her work has appeared in dozens of the Salon's zines.

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Marco Zavala


Sarah Friday
production assistant & performance expert

Sarah is a performance and theater artist from Shreveport, Louisiana. In addition to teaching performance art at UNT, Sarah also works for the Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas where she acts as a Volunteer Coordinator and an LGBTQ+ consultant. To check out her jewelry visit @sassafras_accessories on Instagram. 


Sebastian Paramo
assistant editor

Sebastian Hasani Paramo is the son of Mexican immigrants. His work has appeared in Pleiades, Front Porch Journal, Prelude, Huizache, upstreet, North American Review, & other places. He is the Editor-in-Chief of The Boiler. He is a teaching fellow in the doctoral program at the University of North Texas where he is the Production Editor for American Literary Review. Visit his website at

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Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam
art editor

Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam curates the annual Art & Words Show in Fort Worth. She also writes fiction and poetry both speculative and literary that has appeared in over 40 magazines such as Masters Review, Clarkesworld, Lightspeed, and Everyman's Library's Monster Verse. She has been a finalist for the Nebula Award and Selected Shorts' Stella Kupferberg Memorial Prize. She released an audio fiction-jazz collaborative album Strange Monsters with her partner Peter Brewer's Easy Brew Studio in April 2016. You can find her online at or on Twitter @BonnieJoStuffle.


Alex Stock

Alex Stock has been a part of Spiderweb Salon since 2012. They are a self-taught, multi-media artist and are currently getting a master’s in biology at the University of North Texas. Alex works in many different mediums including: drawing, sculpture, painting, installations, zines, and digital media. Their work is best known for being biological in nature and using colorful but macabre imagery.


Leah Jones

I'm a photographer living in Downtown Dallas with my musician boyfriend and our shy kitty. 


Chris Taylor
production assistant

Chris has been a part of the DFW theatre and arts communities for the last decade as an arts journalist (Stage Directions Blog), a freelance director (Denton Performance Lab), educator and cheerleader for artists stuck on an idea. He lives in Denton with his family and you can often see him running in large groups as a founding member of the Denton Area Running Club.


Corbin Childs
sound engineer
& owner of Shiny Sound Recording Studio


Frank Darko


Caitlin Childs
head baker & culinary queen

A lover of learning, Caitlin has attended culinary school, an ice cream class in Pennsylvania, and courses in everything from cheese-making to chocolate-baking. Her culinary expertise has found her in many a kitchen, as short order egg cook, a fine dining chef, kitchen manager, and even running a baked goods shop at the Denton Community Market. Born and raised in Denton, Caitlin is a longtime travel and food fanatic and spends most of her time browsing cheap flights and day dreaming of devouring pastries in Europe.


Storie Teague
assistant baker & food editor

Storie is a professional cookie eater, wine drinker, and critter wrangler who discovered her creative medium by making a complete and utter mess in the kitchen. She's got a passion for force feeding people, making terrible puns, and obsessively baking meringues.


Matthew Sallack
zine advisor

Born in Tupelo, Mississippi. Raised in Denton, Texas. Graduated with BFA in Graphic Design from Texas State University — San Marcos. Lived in Austin, Texas for a while. Graduated with MFA in Illustration from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. Currently lives in Denton, Texas.


Elise Matthews
merch mermaid

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Chris Flesher