Beer, Kombucha, & Kimchi Workshop!

Let this Spiderweb Salon workshop be your one-stop-station for fermentation education! Join us on Tuesday, January 16, from 6pm-9pm. We're not charging anything for this workshop, but if you'd like to partake of beverages or take some tasty goods home, we request a humble $5-10 donation per person. Here's what we have lined up for this excellent workshop, facilitated by Spiderweb brewmaster, Chris Flesher, at the coolest house on Austin St. in Denton:



We're making a brew for a very special upcoming Valentine's Day showcase, Spiderweb Salon Loves You! (You can join our amazing supporters on Patreon before Jan. 31 for a VIP invite!) This batch will be a rose hip saison beer - a recipe from Jess Menth. The beer will be light, crisp and floral (and a little bit pink). There will also be downtime to do lots of other stuff! We’ll have tables and comfy couches to mingle. Chris is super knowledgeable about the process and can discuss with the group:

  • Brewing equipment - Sanitation, electric temperature control, fermentation. How to use this equipment for sous vide.
  • Kegging equipment, carbonation and seltzer water - How we use our homebrew equipment to make seltzer at home. Way cheaper than La Croix.
  • Beer serving equipment - how to cater beer or serve it at your home.
  • Barrel aging - we can sample a 3 year whiskey barrel stout straight from the barrel!


Let's talk kombucha! Chris has a continuous batch on its third year (original starter from Adrien Wallace! Thank you, Adrien!). This batch was held for awhile at the Dorothy’s Kitchen Table restaurant and was Denton’s first commercial kombucha! Chris likes to think of it as a true Denton product. It has been safely stored in a non climate-controlled area, which means when the weather froze, the culture froze, and when it hit 100, the booch was there, too! It’s had years to gather the Denton terroir and incorporate it into it's tasty personality.


Local fermentation artist Tyler Cullender will also be joining us to demonstrate how to make kimchi! BYO 8oz jar and you can take home your own to ferment! Both Tyler or Chris are available to answer all your questions about kombucha making as well.

RSVP & get the address here. We look forward to seeing you! Let's get our fermentation on!