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We're a group of artists, writers, musicians, dancers, makers, bakers, and dreamers. Our goals are simple: to create & collaborate constantly, to curate places, events, and publications where folks can share their work, and to strengthen friendships & have fun while supporting one another. the collective is based in North Texas, but we have members all over the country.


The Spiderweb: A Directory

Who is Spiderweb Salon? Meet all the incredible people working together to create new art, publications, and experiences for our community. get lost in the spiderweb >>


Workshops, Zines, and More!

We love creating together. Our Happy Hour Workshop Series and zine workshops are great ways to make friends, get involved, and learn a thing or two! We even have a book club for all our dear readers.

Wake & Bake

Where culinary creativity meets community building, skill sharing, and lots of puns. explore the possibilities on our baking blog here >>

Songwriting Scholarship

In partnership with Shiny Sound Recording Studio, we celebrate local musicians by creating something beautiful in the studio together. Vol. 1 will be released on vinyl in summer 2019! listen here >>

Spiderweb Salon On-the-Air

Tune in to Brains of Paradise on KUZU 92.9 LPFM Monday evenings to hear a poem recorded and produced by Spiderweb Salon! listen to all aired recordings here >>

Weekly Artist Features

Our feature series celebrates local artists, writers, and musicians! get to know your new favorite artists >>

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Support Us on Patreon!

Because we are a DIY creative collective, Patreon is crucial to supporting a sustainable foundation for all we create and do in our community. Become a Patreon member today!


Live Showcases & Events

Every showcase we put on is a completely unique experience, unlike anything you’ve seen! We’re the most fun in person, so come on out to an upcoming event and say hello. See what we’re up to>>

Upcoming Events