Tony Guevara: Tree in the Path of Time

please enjoy today's poem, entitled, Tree in the Path of Time, by Tony Guevara! his writing prompt for you is this: Write a poem about the dynamics of monetary value within friendships, family and politics.


Tree in the Path of Time

The chainsaw was to execute
If the mobile home is to move
From its bottom line lot

How the metal screams
The boughs unwitting silence - dust full
Of memories go up and fall

In the passages of a cemented gravel
Road where the trees’ vital dust nested
With the brooding after-smell
Of photosynthesis
Of divine doing undone

Limbs are separated but stay
To one another close
With gravity
Returned only as detached
Chance would allow

But never to be whole again – never
Again to be the gilded ray
Of a perfect innate moment

Time slipped through to the roots.

That pain is mercy.
The chain’s spurt and wane
My father’s rickety knees
Bent like stems over the dying

He halts the cacophony
Lays it softly on the grass
With a desire to fall on its teeth
For the chain to gouge his belly

Strength sustains him yet
Against his will – it remains –
Against the hope to fly first

Dragging the piling branches
I swore were my life


Tony Guevara is a poet from the North Texas area. He received his B.A. in English, with a focus on creative writing, from the University of North Texas in the spring of 2014. He is currently employed by healthcare management company, Advanced Plan for Health, where he serves as Project Manager. His poetry tends to focus on existential angst and self-reflection through an agnostic, yet spiritual, lens.