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DMA Opening Reception for collective | connection

Come celebrate in style with Spiderweb Salon! Our interactive DMA exhibit collective | connection opens this month, and we're rolling out the red carpet for a late-night reception and showcase on September 26 to honor the fifty amazing artists who have been working together since April to make this exhibit possible. Dress in your finest garb (formal/fancy encouraged), come fan out on these hardworking creative friends, enjoy live performances, experience the exhibit, and maybe contribute some art of your own! Free event. Bring all your love for the artists (we accept flowers, fans letters, big hugs). WE CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU!

collective | connection artists: Adam S. Mahout, Alejandra Ramos Gómez, Alex Stock, Anjelica Fraga, Bess Whitby, Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam, Carolyn Taylor, Cher Musico, Christopher David Taylor, Clent Wyatt, Conor Wallace, Corbin Childs, courtney marie, Edgar Derby, Elise Matthews, Emily Ramser, Emma Carnes, Emmy Piercy, Erica Cole, Erica Stephens, Francesca Framer, Isabel Crespo. Isabel Deniz, J. Dallas Guill, James Jackson, Jeanette Laredo, Joanna Lugo, Kamyon Conner, Kim Nall, Lei Lei Lashawn, Leoncarlo Canlas, Lesly Gutierrez, Logen Cure, Lorelei K, Machele Johnson, Marco Zavala, Mateo Granados, Morgan Lionheart, Nina Chantanapumma, Rachel Renea, Rachel Weaver, Rae Inmon, Sam Cook, Sara Raines, Sarah Friday, Sarah Ruth Alexander, Sebastian Paramo, Sethnicity, Shelby Orr, Tim Hurley, & Tori Falcon