Join Spiderweb Salon!

We accomplished a lot together as a collective in 2018, and in 2019, we’re interested in taking our creative relationship with you to the next level. That’s why we’re inviting you to become an official artist member and co-creator with Spiderweb Salon. Take a moment to read this page and fill out the form (there’s a checkbox for yes & no, so your response is appreciated either way!), or follow up with courtney marie or Nina Chantanapumma if you have any questions before taking the plunge. We can’t wait to hear back from you!

We request that you submit your membership form by December 16, 2018 so we can spend our holiday break creating the beautiful new artist directory for our website and finish booking our first big showcase of the year: NEW YEAR’S REVOLUTION (Jan 12).

Our collective's goals are simple and haven't changed all that much since we first began in 2012, but we're working harder than ever to be oriented toward social justice, skill sharing, and community building. We always aim to create & collaborate constantly, to curate places, events, and publications where folks can develop and share their creativity, learn new skills, and come together to create a space of radical love and care for one another. Spiderweb Salon has a zero-tolerance policy for racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, or discriminatory hate in any form; it is of the utmost importance to us that our community has a safe space to share their art, try new things, make lifelong friends and collaborators, and express themselves freely. If you align with these values and want to take your creative output to new heights, let’s create together!

Requirements to be an artist member / co-creator of Spiderweb Salon:

  • *** Fill out this form! All of it! ***

  • Actively participate in at least 3 events/projects annually (or at least 1 if you are not based in the North Texas region), whether as a contributing artist, performer, producer, recording artist, cook, videographer, photographer, host, emcee, zine contributor, Patreon contributor, etc!

  • Help us promote and celebrate the events in which you are collaborating with us (and others, if you're feelin' it!).

  • Attend Spiderweb Salon events and workshops as your schedule allows, and take advantage of our artist member benefits (as listed below)!

Spiderweb Salon Artist / Co-creator Benefits


Join our artist directory.

You’ll officially join the ranks of a rad group of artists making amazing things happen. Your image, bio, and links to your personal projects will be featured in a digital directory of folks who are a part of the collective. This directory will be used to encourage collaboration among members and will be super handy when planning out projects.


Create together.*

Receive early/priority invitations for opportunities to collaborate with Spiderweb & other artists, including publications, scholarships, and major collective works. Besides just making art together, you’ll also be making lifelong friends, collaborators, and memories as we strive to create beauty and positive change in the world around us.


Artist features.

If you haven't already been featured on our website, our editors will create a write-up and profile featuring your work! There are so many other ways our artists will be celebrated in the coming year besides digitally too, including a book anthology, vinyl release, zines, radio recordings, and artist trading cards!


Exclusive workshops.
Free access to exclusive artist-member-only workshops and learning opportunities. Already in the works for 2019 are workshops on Stage Presence & Performance, Grant Writing & Presenting, Journaling and Self-Care, Ethical Marketing for Artists, and Persuasive Speaking for Communities Working for Change. We hope to continue to add to this list throughout the year, including everything from performance classes to homesteading and DIY workshops.


Mental Health resources & more.
Priority access to weekly Mental Health Group Sessions with counselors/interns in a confidential setting. Share and receive feedback and recommendations in a safe space, and take home resources for staying healthy, happy, and creative. These sessions will begin in early 2019 and are made possible in collaboration with DMAC, an organization that is also interested in assisting our artists in receiving subsidized health insurance (please let us know if you would like help setting up a meeting with them!).

Spiderweb6Years(RGB color).jpg

Artist Access on Patreon.***
A special monthly "Artist" rate on our Patreon of only $10 a month, which includes free access to all Spiderweb showcases, events, and workshops. ***This is NOT required, and co-creators never have to pay for the events in which they participate, but it is important to acknowledge that increasing our Patreon support is absolutely essential for us to continue to grow this year. We humbly request that our members with the financial means contribute in this way, but please also note that no one is ever turned away from anything we do for lack of funds!

Artist Access.jpg

Have an idea?
We want our members and co-creators to feel empowered to pitch production and performance ideas to showcase and community/creative projects to participate in as a collective.


VIP invites.
Invitations to private events, including Spiderweb Salon Loves You, Spiderfam potlucks and parties, and designated Wake & Bake sessions as available. This also includes application precedence for limited-seating workshops, like our Metalsmithing/Jewelry Workshop and the Wake & Bake Sourdough Workshop we hosted this year!


Performance photography.
Professional or at least semi-professional photography (and sometimes video!) of you doing your thing at the events you participate in! These shots are fair game for you to use anywhere you'd like with credit given to the photographer.


That sweet, sweet hype.
We'll work with you to celebrate and share your own personal releases and major events at our events and on our social media, because we're damn proud of everyone we work with.


Affiliation with Denton’s most prolific art collective, over 6.5 years strong.
You’re a part of something big. We welcome you to include your work with us in grant applications and resumes, and use us as a reference as needed. You are also entitled to a fat stack of Spiderweb Salon business cards to have with you when tabling for events, "networking" with other creatives, etc.

Future Opportunities.jpg

Future opportunities.
This is the first step to taking on a leadership role in the collective, should that be something that interests you in the future. Artist memberships will be reevaluated and renewed at the end of 2019, and new administrative roles will be considered as well! Who knows where we’ll go next? What we do know is we’re gonna get there together. xo

*IMPORTANT: Spiderweb Salon publishes and produces a great deal of material created by our artists online, in our zines, and recordings. By signing up as an active artist, you consent that we may share and distribute your work with the mutual understanding that we will never, ever claim to own your work and will always give credit where credit is due and request verbal/written permission when appropriate!