spiderweb salon publishes at least ten zines yearly, consisting of visual art, poetry, fiction, and more. they are available for sale online, at our showcases, and FREE to our patreon subscribers of $10+/month. submissions are currently open for our newest series: REASONS TO F@*&ING VOTE!


the feature is spiderweb salon's online publication, released (almost) every week. additionally, we host frequent showcases in denton and dallas. to be featured on our online publication and/or at an upcoming showcase, click on the button to be redirected to our google form (google sign-in required).

submission FAQs

Q: What kind of submissions do we accept?
A: We are interested in everything and anything! Visual art, poetry, flash fiction, flash essay, video/film, music, and the like. Keep it short and sweet (ideally under 1,500 words, or no more than 3-5 poems at a time), keep it original (by submitting you confirm this is your own work), and send your best stuff.

Q: What kind of things are you looking for?
A: We want to focus on Denton and DFW-based writers and artists. We're looking for the real, the true, the beautiful thing that speaks to you. If it comes from a dark place, that's cool too. Let it be fresh and original and unique to you. Let it connect people in a powerful way.

Q: What else should I include?
A: Please include a little bit about the piece you are sharing with us, plus a bio about you and what you do, where you're from, or other cool things that you might be a part of.

Q: What pet peeves do you have for submissions?
A: We don't take kindly to jerks and we're not tolerate of hate or discrimination. That being said, sexism, racism, homophobia, and any other hateful content will get you blacklisted for life.

Q: What if I don't hear back from you?
A: We a volunteer-run art-collective and have a lot going on, so sometime we need a little time to sort out submissions! But if you don't hear from us after a couple months, feel free to contact our editors at

Q: What if my submission is already published and/or online somewhere?
A: We don't mind if the other host of your work does not mind. However, please note this somewhere in your submission and know that we do prefer to publish new work, so the fresher the better.