Spiderweb Salon Songwriting Scholarship's 2018 Recipients & Songs:

Elia Tamplin - 40 Days & 40 Nights (officially released January 2018)

Charlie Moore - Put A Record On (released February 2018)

 Elia Tamplin || photo by Leah Jones

Elia Tamplin || photo by Leah Jones

 Charlie Moore || photo by courtney marie

Charlie Moore || photo by courtney marie

 artwork by Marco Zavala for Charlie Moore's "Put A Record On"

artwork by Marco Zavala for Charlie Moore's "Put A Record On"

You also can browse all the songs, lyrics, art, and collaborators on our BANDCAMP page. Thank you for listening and supporting your local musicians!

spiderweb salon's songwriting scholarship

This project was originally conceived in late 2017, when a song by Elia Tamplin met an idea of Conor Wallace's (Spiderweb co-founder) and they decided to try something new! After a productive half-day in the Shiny Sound Recording Studio with a whole cast of musicians & friends, there was a tangible, beautiful product from everyone's hard work: THE SONG!

And we got to thinking: why don’t we do this all the time, with many different musicians, to create a whole catalog of new songs and sounds?

With that simple idea, our songwriting scholarship was born. We’ll be continuing to work with Shiny Sound Recording Studios, a lineup of professional studio musicians, and a new musician every month to record an original piece of music to share with the world.

Like everything else that finds its way into our hearts and our features collection, we're also pairing everything written, sung, or strummed with fresh new art as it's released. In the case of this project, every song will be accompanied by a beautiful new piece by Spiderweb artist & friend, Marco Zavala. Consider this just one more awesome reason to check back with us and see what's new!

Spiderweb Salon has always been about collaborating and celebrating talent, insight, and creativity among friends, and this project is just one more way to support local artists & musicians as we work towards our goals together.

If you’re looking to get involved, send along a submission, and if you just need an awesome place to record your next musical project, we encourage you to look no further than the talented folks behind Shiny Sound.


Spiderweb superfan note: You could trace our desire to capture the essence of this project all the way back to the days of Forever & Everest, a pre-Spiderweb endeavor in which some of us would lock ourselves in the studio and, led by Corbin Childs and Jacob Greenan, would go on to record dozens & dozens of songs with friends near & far from 2011-2015.