we're back (we never left!)

it's not a secret how terrible {we, bees} can be at the internet sometimes but this website exists now and we'll see about maintaining it so you don't think we've disappeared forever. we haven't! as a matter of fact, spiderweb salon has really grown and done wonderful things in the last year or so and this summer we will be celebrating FIVE YEARS of bringing writing and art to our community. we always have new things in the works and we are honestly much better at sharing about all of that on our Facebook page. If you haven't tuned in in awhile, here are some highlights from our last year of art-collective-magic:

  • we had a really beautiful valentine's day show last month, called spiderweb salon loves you.
  • last may we threw a fake wedding called spiderwed salon and it was one of the most beautiful events ever. there was a food fight and a great deal of tears and laughter. no one got married, as far as we could tell.
  • we also had a memorial show for our beloved basement at J&Js Pizza. RIP, ol' dirty basement. we loved you.
  • on a brighter note, we have a podcast series now! it features some of our favorite poets & writers sharing small performances and talking about their inner creative life. the whole thing is made possible by our dear friend Frank Darko and Pariah Art in Dallas.
  • the state of the country has been freaking us out. we organized a poetry march in december to bring together our community, share empowering works of leaders/thinkers/poets who have come before us, raise money for the resistance against the Dakota Access Pipeline, and share information/plans to continue this work in the face of this horrific political disaster we now face. WE WILL NOT BE SILENT!
  • along those same lines, we had many '2016 support group' workshop nights, where the doors to HQ were left open to anyone who needed a hug, a meal, or a place to make art with kind folks.
  • we participated in the Deep Ellum Lit Hop, which courtney marie, one of our co-founders, and Sebastian Paramo, an active member of the collective, organized. the power went out during our showcase and it was a hot day, but it couldn't take away from the wonderful artistry & talent of the performers who joined us there. dallas was quite lit that night.
  • 35 Denton asked us back and we had a pretty awesome show during the festival.
  • our fifth annual masquerade was a hit... and so was our fourth annual winter formal!!
  • we made LOTS of zines. you can order some online, pick them up at Quimby's in Chicago, or for the best selection (& prices!) visit our merch booth at our next show to stock up!
some treats made by the talented Danielle Poage for spiderwed salon. photo by Leah Jones

some treats made by the talented Danielle Poage for spiderwed salon. photo by Leah Jones