Featured Writer: Sethnicity

artwork by Marco Zavala

artwork by Marco Zavala

edited by Misti Morrison

Spiderweb Salon is thrilled to highlight the deeply talented poet Sethnicity in this week’s feature. Sethnicity has been a friend of Spiderweb for a while and we’re excited to finally have the chance to share his work. This poem is from a collection from last year called New Moon Monolith. Sethnicity describes this project as “an attempt to find truth in darkness of all kinds.” Maybe this poem can shine a little light into the lives of our readers and stave off the darkness for even just a little while.

He would like everyone to know that there’s a lot more where this comes from, and we hope he brings it to our stage again soon.


I am not Blue

I treasure your thoughts for they mirror mine
and I often feel like the sky
So blue
but I am
just another reflection of you
the true source of life and all I can do
is jot bastard drops of truth
frigid fractalized isolated idioms
Verbose vapor flakes seeking fictional synonyms     
headlong ing to be with you
more than me and I am not really blue 

This much is truth
pooling thoughts in my planetarium booth
brainstorming ways to lightning youth

But I am not You

I am see through
a satellite out of view
conduit of the more true, Luna
who is more of an effec-tionate of you
morpheus of midnight master of black, whole, new
presenting red-eyed roses nightly reflected by you

(but see me I am through)
Liquid glass
The deep the blue
and I am not blue  

scratching the surface and rippling clues
like Voyager's travels
I am echoing shadows of the beauty
you innerview
snapshots of interstellar War Stars out of sight
I am through, see
you hold mysteries I only understand by sky light
when I move you move and you move with might
the final frontier is my domain but you hold many more
leagues unknown and forget me knots
Consider me the wife of Lott
in the massive wake
a primordial parking lot
present yet nought


In my ever reaching expanse
am just fuel for flame
fleas and moth flee in the aether of my veins
Which provide little shelter
From larger wings of change
While great and small exist in all
your leagues of  superfluous membrane
Cool azule from whence life can be sustained
Be Tickled by the fingers of my admiration make waves of mutual celebration
But do not be humbly demurred
Be for me what I can not be



Sethnicity says: I am like water. I am like you. I am Panda I am Pachyderm. I am Orca. I am cuttlefish. I am a Writer, Fighter, Coco sipping people spier. I am mostly Water, Air and Spirit. Born from and into darkness to overcome Death so I no longer Fear it. 

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Sethnicity | photo by courtney marie

Sethnicity | photo by courtney marie