Spiderweb Salon Goes to the DAM Awards

Cheers, Spiderfriends!

Cheers, Spiderfriends!

Voting for the DAM Awards is in full swing, and if you haven’t had a chance to check out their ballot yet, we’ve got a handy little guide to get you through while supporting all your favorite Spiderweb co-creators!

Even if you think that awards aren’t that important, they sure are a nice thing to put down when applying for grants, so whatever you do, we hope you’ll consider casting one for Spiderweb Salon (that’s us! hi!) and some of our friends! Once you’re ready, CLICK HERE TO VOTE.

Many members of our ever-growing cast of artists and dreamers are on the ballot and much-deserving of your support, including Spiderweb co-founder Courtney Marie (published author, poet, Dentonite of the Year), Ellie Gonzalez (poet, radio show, Dentonite of the Year), Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam (published author), Maureen Leak (poet), Anjelica Fraga (poet), Dahlia Knowles / Lorelei K (makeup/hair artist, electronic act, pop act), Naomi Kliewer/Tulla Moore (burlesque), Leoncarlo (electronic act, solo artist), Matthew Sallack (mixed media artist), Rachel Weaver / blendways (mixed media artist, electronic artist), George Ferrie (Dentonite of the Year), Kim Nall & the Fringe (country/Americana), and Sarah Ruth (experimental act). Fair warning: some categories are NOT easy to choose one entity over there others, but we’re just over here taking solace in seeing all these talented folks getting some recognition. Thank you so much to The Dentonite and the DAM Awards for including us!

And how could we forget! Props to Dan's Silver Leaf (traditional venue) and J&J's PIZZA ON THE SQUARE DENTON TX (non-traditional venue) for hosting a long list of Spiderweb shows, and for Brent Best (sound engineer) for putting up with our stage shenanigans. We’d also be reminisce to not mention all our amazing friends listed here who are also brilliant movers & shakers around town and inspire us on a regular basis: Sundown Collaborative Theater, KUZU, DMAC, Lost Poet Lounge, Glitterbomb, OUTReach Denton, and Denton Black Film Festival!

Whew! What a community! We’re proud to be a part of it. Now, go vote!