Reverie Evolving: Nightbreak

reading is good for you & we have more poetry to warm your soul today, featuring dallas-based poet and teacher Reverie Evolving and her beautiful piece, Nightbreak. we recommend reading this one out loud to yourself so you might notice the echoes of the phrases, the rhythm of the sound of the words. Reverie's writing prompt has some visual cues to get your idea bubbles floating this fine monday morning... Write a poem that incorporates all of these images:



silent tower conifers
leaning babel branches
grow across the

sky the way
snakes slither when
not pursuing prey

imagined memories replace
canyons fertile dogwoods
dance beneath light

casting clouds big
bang theories of
amoebic lilacs sea

pheromones fill in
silence with a
waning dark moon

crested mountain rapture
marks the start
of each dusk

we applaud Venus
for tempting Mars
out of seven

years of retrograde
we evening song
her we thank

her for outshining
the almost forgotten
echoes of stars


Reverie Evolving is a poet who believes storytelling is the strongest link we humans have and relishes in the beauty of ordinary moments. She was born and raised in Connecticut, and despite living in Dallas for the past 15 years, still yearns for the decisiveness of four distinct seasons. Reverie earned her B.A. in English Arts from Hampton University, and her M.Ed. from The University of Phoenix.  By day, she teaches writing to a group of angelic middle school children, who often inspire her creativity and by night can be found howling at the moon with the pack of coyotes who adopted her as an adult when she isn't writing or planning writing lessons.

Reverie Evolving at spiderweb salon's fifth annual masquerade | photo by Brian Doore | 2016

Reverie Evolving at spiderweb salon's fifth annual masquerade | photo by Brian Doore | 2016