Ryan Creery: Diamonds

national poetry month continues here with these glittering gems from Ryan Creery, long-time spiderweb contributor and all-around incredible writer. Ryan's writing prompt for us today is as lovely as his poem, Diamonds, and we are delighted to share both with you here: 

Close your eyes and breathe in and out ten times. In 30 seconds do these three things:

1.      Picture yourself in a place.

2.      You hear something

3.      You feel something

Write a haiku about your experience.



If we could tell time in pounds,

maybe then we could find strength

in losing so much

to the weight of our world;

like Atlas, hold high our wounds

and our losses, tremble-kneed.

In pounds, we could sift through

the ton of bricks it finally took

to say I love you or I hate you

to the reflection, to the rainy day,

and the gray that frayed our safety nets.

Go ahead and spend the weight of an ocean

waiting for your brain to step in and say,

“Hey, I’ll take it from here,”

when your heart can’t stop bleeding

through your sleeves.


Or let go,

drop it like a piano from the 15th floor

so it shatters so loud,

crash-land and burn

with the cries of all the

authors, painters, dancers,

poets, and the broken-hearted,

who carry the weight to find beauty

in the mess we’ve made of this world;

Diamonds who shine under pressure,

turn rot into wine,

and create art against the bitter winds of change.

Anyone can sparkle in the light,

it’s only heroes who can be brilliant in the darkness.


Ryan Creery started writing as a way to turn his own darkness into light. Now he wants his writing to be more active; to work more and fight more. He believes our individual creativity can become a way for us to bridge our communities together, and he hopes to help become one of those bridges. By day, Ryan is a corporate copywriter and contributing writer for The Broke Ass Bride. He has been published with Eber & Wein, The Huffington Post, and Gay Flash Fiction.

Ryan Creery at Spiderweb Salon's Fourth Annual Winter Formal | photo by Geoffrey Ussery | 2017

Ryan Creery at Spiderweb Salon's Fourth Annual Winter Formal | photo by Geoffrey Ussery | 2017