let's create together

today is the day! we're throwing a POETRY PARTY in honor of NATIONAL POETRY MONTH, 7 pm at Wine Squared at our home base in denton, tx, today is also the day we are releasing our newest zine and... announcing an OPEN SUBMISSION period for a new project that you're invited to contribute to. let's create together!

you can pick up a copy of our newest zine, PROMPT & CIRCUMSTANCE, at the show!! (we ask that if you can afford it, you'll trade us a humble $5 in exchange for your copy to help us cover costs of this & future projects.) you can also find most of the prompts in this zine in our archives by checking out the stellar lineup of work our community has been sharing with us (& you!)


we're sharing these creative exercises with you (in the zine & online!) in hopes that you might use them to create something beautiful. & when you create something beautiful, we hope you will share it. we want to CREATE TOGETHER. this is why we'll be opening up submissions for a new collection that follows the natural thread of this process. here's how it works:

  1. pick up a zine and/or read the work of the fantastic writers we've published this month in our archives. (by the end of the month, there will be one for every day of april!)
  2. find a writing prompt that we have shared (online or in the zine) that stirs something in you. something that leaves your fingers itching for a pencil, a paintbrush, a guitar... whatever it might be, choose something that ignites a spark in your mind.
  3. the most important step: don't let the spark die out. hold that idea close. cherish it. set aside some time to nurture it, watch it grow. create something born of that initial moment of inspiration. fall in love with it. run away with it. try your very best not to hold yourself back. forget the notion of failing. stretch your imagination. be wild. be thoughtful. follow through. make it happen. it could be a poem, a drawing, a dance, a play, a book, a song, a sculpture, an essay, a meal, a painting, a video, a story, a sketch, a mural, a melody, a performance. it could be anything. if you can't actualize your idea alone, find other artists and collaborate.
  4. share what you have created. one way you could do this is to send your work to spiderwebsalon@gmail.com, along with your name, a bio, and the writing prompt or exercise that originally inspired your art. you are welcome to also include a note about your process, or simply let your art speak for itself.
  5. spiderweb salon will work with the artists who submit to bring their work to others either in some form of production, publication, or on a stage. the final project(s) will be determined by the work that is sent to us during the open submissions. we can't wait to see what comes of it!
  6. what are you waiting for? if not now, when? create! submissions for this particular spiderweb project will be open until mid-June 2017 (but you are always welcome to send us cool stuff!).
front & back cover of Prompt & Circumstance

front & back cover of Prompt & Circumstance

Prompt & Circumstance includes writing prompts and exercises from some of the best poets, artists, and creative minds in our little corner of the world: Axel Severs, Bess WhitbyBonnie Jo StufflebeamCaitlin Pryor, Chris George, Christopher Stephen Soden, Conor Wallace, Elana Patrice Nelson, Griselda Castillo, Joe Carr, Joseph Milazzo, Kendra GreeneKim NallLeah Tieger, Leslie Marie Aguilar, Lisa Huffaker, Logen CureMachele Johnson, Marco Zavala, Marie Denoon, Matthew Sallack, Opalina Salas, Paul Koniecki, Paula MendozaRachel Renea, Reverie Evolving, Ryan M. CreerySean Enfield, Sebastian ParamoSophia Terazawa, Stevie Edwards, Tony Guevara, and Walker Smart. you can get your copy of the zine tonight, or contact us to save or ship you one. meanwhile, please feel free to browse our april archives for more awesome poetry & prompts online, and stay tuned for the rest of the month to delve deeper into the world of our community's brilliant poets in celebration of national poetry month.

'this is not a zine' collaborative piece by Alex Stock and courtney marie | featured in spiderweb salon's METAZINE | 2016

'this is not a zine' collaborative piece by Alex Stock and courtney marie | featured in spiderweb salon's METAZINE | 2016