courtney marie: write to live

on this, the last day of national poetry month 2017, spiderweb co-founder and local poet/artist courtney marie has collected her prompt ideas into a makeshift poem to share with you. these are fair game to use for your submission to our next project (we know you want to!), and can also be found in our newest zine, just realeased this month: Prompt & Circumstance.

be sure to check out all of our featured writers from our national poetry month celebration, too!

write to live

write about a deadly sin.
write about the seasons of silence.
write about shedding layers of yourself.
write yourself as mythical creature.
write about the things that keep you up at night.
write the hangover away.
write the reality of flesh.
write about the way you hold on.
write to soothe a heartache.
write about what you refuse to apologize for.
write about the monsters you live with.
write about your neighborhood fifty years ago.
write a eulogy for your past lives.
write about a face you still remember.
write about a mistaken identity.
write the story of your hands.
write about your body, the canvas.
write how to keep the peace.
write the end of a story first.
write about the way they stay present.
write about the assault of planet earth.
write the memory of birds.
write a letter you always meant to write.
write about your morbid curiosities.
write an honest confession.
write about the place your grandmother was born.
write what the dirt knows.
write about the way your blood keeps secrets.
write what a tree might say.
write about collective regret.
write a manual for forgetting.
write to escape the cycle.
write to live.


courtney marie is a writer and artist based in Denton, Texas. she enjoys working with text as an art medium and performance object. her work has appeared in Spooky Girlfriend Press, Literary Orphans, Black Sun Lit, The Thing Itself, etc. but also in basements and museums, street corners, bars, and art galleries; in cities all over the country. she is the co-founder and primary organizer of the art collective Spiderweb Salon (Best Literary Arts Group 2016, Dallas Observer), co-host of Pegasus Reading Series in Dallas, and the host of Spiderweb Salon’s literary podcast, produced by Pariah. as a recent finalist for the Lorien Prize, courtney marie has a joint chapbook forthcoming through Thoughtcrime Press with Fatima-Ayan Malika Hirsi. she lives with two cats and writes a lot of letters.