new things are on the way!

You may have noticed we've been a little quiet recently, but that doesn't mean awesome things haven't been happening with spiderweb salon! Since Lit Hop and our five year celebration party this summer, we've thrown a beautiful showcase at a semi-secret location for our annual masquerade, and have been gathering our thoughts for what's to come in the next year or so. Wonderful things are ahead! We will be making a big announcement soon- meanwhile, we've been using this survey to collect the community's opinions on local art matters and would love your feedback. There's also an official signup for our new-newsletter here, so you can be the first to hear about what we have up our sleeves in the coming days. & as always, if you're a local creative looking for a likeminded group of artists and thinkers to create with, feel free to contact us and get involved in our upcoming showcases, workshops, and meet-ups! See you soon, friends!